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  • Hazardous waste removal in Lloydminster Alberta
    Hazardous Waste: What You Need to Know

    It is always important to take proper precautions when disposing of hazardous waste. If improperly managed, toxic materials have the potential to impose harmful effects on human health, your neighbourhood, and the environment. This type of waste can be produced from a number of sources ranging from industrial manufacturing facilities to your own household.

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  • Roll off containers in Lloydminster Alberta
    How Roll-Off Containers Can Help Your Business

    While it may not seem obvious, adopting efficient waste management techniques is an extremely important element of a successful business operation. Not only does this benefit your business, but these methods will simplify the elimination of waste and support a healthy environment. Therefore, one of the most effective solutions for your workplace is to rent a roll-off container.

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  • Commercial waste disposal in Lloydminster Alberta
    Is It Time for Commercial Waste Disposal for Your Bonnyville Business?

    Whether you are an office complex, store, hotel, restaurant, or institutional building, you know that you generate your fair share of waste daily, or more. Until recently, you might not have paid much attention to the amount of waste you generate. However, now you are under pressure to keep the premises clear of debris. You are looking for more eco-friendly ways to reduce waste, and you need a waste reduction program in place.

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  • Construction bin rental in Lloydminster Alberta
    5 Benefits of Construction Bin Rental to Consider

    Construction sites become cluttered fast. From the demolition to excess materials, it is your job to keep that construction site clear for worker safety and hazmat purposes.

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  • Shredded confidential document in Lloydminster.
    Why Paper Shredding for Businesses Makes Sense

    Your business generates plenty of paper waste. While some of the documents you have can simply be tossed into the trash, other paper must be shredded to protect your company, clients, and vendors.

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  • A portable toilet sign in Lloydminster
    Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips When You Need Your Rental for Several Days

    Portable toilets give you the opporutnity to provide attendees or guests with a toilet throughout your event. However, they are designed for 24 hours of use; then, they need to be sanitized and emptied.

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  • A couple decluttering their garage in Cold Lake
    Tips for More Effective Trash Removal in Your Home

    Whether you are spring cleaning, moving out, or just looking to declutter, how you remove trash from your home matters.

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  • A calendar being used to schedule Septic Tank pumping in Cold Lake
    How Often Does Your Home Need Septic Tank Servicing?

    A septic tank needs routine maintenance if you want to prolong its lifespan. If you allow your tank to fill with solids, they eventually clog the lines and your system might require a full replacement.

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  • A girl carrying blue recycling bin in Llyodminster
    What you should know about Blue Wave Recycling?

    Seeking recycling services in and around Lloydminster? Whether you’re looking for a dependable pickup service provider or a convenient drop-off location, Blue Wave Recycling, a division of Quik Pick Waste Disposal, is here to help business owners and municipalities in Alberta and Saskatchewan get the waste management and recycling solutions they require.

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  • A collection of recyclable materials in Cold Lake
    A Brief Guide to Recycling

    The benefits of recycling are touted in schools and eco-organizations across the country. The positives are plentiful, including virtues such as reducing waste in landfills, and conserving energy and materials when it comes to manufacturing new products.

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  • A waste management center in Lloydminster
    Why is Waste Management Important for the Environment?

    Tossing empty glass or plastic bottles into a recycling bin is not enough. In fact, when it comes to environment-friendly waste disposal, it is how that disposal is performed and the management of waste from residences and businesses that matters.

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  • A hazardous waste container in Cold Lake
    Why Everyone Needs Proper Hazardous Waste Disposal?

    For most of us, waste is just waste. You throw it away in the trash, and it disappears, right? However, when you dig deep and start thinking about the garbage you throw away and where it goes, you may reconsider each time you toss out something in the trash.

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