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Blue Wave Recycling


Recycling in Lloydminster & Bonnyville: Cardboard, Paper, Cans & More

Quik Pick Waste Disposal is a locally owned and operated company that takes our commitment to the environment seriously. Our Blue Wave Recycling division specializes in the recycling of cardboard, newsprint, office paper, tin cans and more. We will find a solution that meets your recycling needs while helping you do your part for the environment. For recycling in the Bonnyville and Lloydminster areas, trust Quik Pick Waste Disposal for your solutions.

Blue Wave Recycling Is a Service from Quik Pick

Below, find a list of recyclables that can be placed in the blue Blue Wave bins at your location. Sorting it is not required. Recyclable items include:

Clean Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) and Boxboard

Bagging not required

Please break down or flatten cardboard

Office Paper and Newsprint


Paper and newsprint can be placed in blue bags if you want

Shredded Paper

Please put in blue bags separate from non-shredded or other recyclables and toss into bin

Tin Cans

Please empty and rinse before tossing in bin

Our Facility

We offer free drop off at our location. Charges apply for our pickup service. Please contact us regarding glass and styrofoam recycling, or any of our other waste disposal services, including the environmentally friendly disposal of fluorescent tubes (non-CFL). Our friendly staff will be happy to help with all of your needs.

Complete Waste Management

We offer a range of disposal services, including recycling and portable toilets

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