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Fluorescent Light Disposal


Fluorescent Light Disposal in Lloydminster

Millions of fluorescent bulbs are disposed of in Lloydminster ever year. This amounts to an estimated 100,000 pounds of mercury waste. Recycling light bulbs is an easy and effective way to tackle the situation. It keeps the hazardous waste products away from households. With our safe fluorescent tube disposal option, you can trust Quik Pick Waste Disposal. 

Lamps contain a small amount of mercury as it is essential for achieving energy savings. Compact fluorescent lamps and other energy-efficient lighting, such as linear fluorescent and high intensity lamps also contain mercury for the same reason. Although mercury is effective at enabling white light, it is also highly toxic. In case a lamp breaks, it releases mercury vapour and mercury-contaminated phosphor powder. Mercury does not decompose or break down in landfill, but does bio-accumulate in humans and our environment.

Our organization offers effective ways to recycle fluorescent lamps. Contact us today .

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