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A collection of recyclable materials in Cold Lake

The benefits of recycling are touted in schools and eco-organizations across the country. The positives are plentiful, including virtues such as reducing waste in landfills, and conserving energy and materials when it comes to manufacturing new products. Recycling is easy, and for companies in and around Cold Lake, Lloydminster and Bonnyville, things can get even simpler with personalized recycling pickup services. If you’re a recycling novice, or you just want a refresher on what can be recycled, here’s what you need to know. RECYCLABLE MATERIAL More and more products and materials are recyclable. Things that got put in the trash a few years ago can now be broken down and made into something new. You may be surprised by how many things you can recycle. Though not all of the following items can be put into your standard curb-side recycling bag, all of these items can be collected in Alberta and put to good use.

  • Paper products, including shredded and non-shredded documents, newspapers, cardboard and flyers.

  • Plastic products numbered one to seven are all technically recyclable. However, some may not be picked up by your town’s recycling service. Blue Wave Recycling on the other hand, accepts all of them. You can drop these products off at our depot in Lloydminster or arrange for pickup service.

  • Aluminum. This includes both tin cans and foil.

  • Tires. You already pay a tax when you purchase new tires that goes towards the cost of recycling the worn out rubber.

  • Electronics. Televisions, computers, monitors, printers, tablets and more can be recycled. Smart phones are frequently collected for recycling by your cellular provider.

  • Paint. Aerosols as well as most household paints, varnishes and stains can be recycled.

  • Batteries. Stores like Home Depot and Staples often have receptacles for recycling alkaline batteries.

  • Mattresses. Contact your nearest Sleep Country. They accept used mattresses, which they’ll donate to charity or recycle, depending on their condition.

  • Eyeglasses. Many eyewear stores have donation boxes where you can drop off glasses to be reused or recycled.

  • Fluorescent light tubes. These require special handling. Blue Wave Recycling will be happy to safely recycle them for you.

GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT RECYCLING As you can see, the number of items that can be recycled through recycling companies and other sources are plentiful, and indeed there are some articles we may have neglected to mention. If you have a question about where, how or if you can recycle a particular item, simply contact us at Blue Wave Recycling (a division of Quick Pick Waste Disposal) and we’ll be happy to collect it ourselves or guide you to the right disposal centre in and around Lloydminster, Bonnyville and Cold Lake.

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