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Shredded confidential document in Lloydminster.

Your business generates plenty of paper waste. While some of the documents you have can simply be tossed into the trash, other paper must be shredded to protect your company, clients, and vendors. In-house shredding is time-consuming. It requires you to dedicate an employee to the job. More so, you must dedicate resources to the task of shredding documents. These reasons alone are why more companies use paper shredding services in Lloydminster, Bonnyville, Cold Lake and surrounding areas. THE BENEFITS OF USING PROFESSIONAL PAPER SHREDDING SERVICES IN LLOYDMINSTER Dumping documents without destroying them properly puts your business at risk. Also, if you do not have methods in place to protect your consumers, you could deal with lawsuits, fines, and more. A paper shredding service takes away these risks and offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Retaining In-House Productivity – When you do not have an employee handling the shredding tasks, you are more productive in-house, which means more revenue for your business.

  2. Keeping Your Business Secure – Paper shredding for businesses done by a professional service offers more security than a standard office shredder. These companies are trained and certified to handle your sensitive documents. Furthermore, they destroy sensitive information and take the liability away from your business.

  3. Convenience – Using paper shredding services in Bonnyville is convenient. You do not have to waste time removing staples, sorting papers, and keeping paperwork in piles where they are vulnerable until you have time to shred. The professional services have a secure bin that you use for storage, and you can reduce risks of important and sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

  4. Cost-Effective Solutions – The time and money you save hiring a professional service make it a more cost-effective option than shredding in-house.

  5. Combine Services for More Savings – Companies like Quik Pick Waste Disposal offer more than just paper shredding. Therefore, when you use our services, you can take advantage of the other services we have that apply to your business, including recycling, private waste disposal, and more.

  6. Staying Compliant – The most important advantage is that you remain compliant with all trade and chain of custody requirements for your business. You no longer must worry about data breaches through lost documentation, and you do not need be anxious about an employee potentially stealing sensitive information.

CONTACT US FOR PROFESSIONAL PAPER SHREDDING SERVICES IN COLD LAKE TODAY If you are ready to protect your business and customers, hire paper shredding for businesses from the team at Quik Pick Waste Disposal. Our team offers confidential in-house shredding services and shredding bins that you can use for secure storage. Explore the numerous options or receive a quote for our paper shredding services in Bonnyville and surrounding cities. Set up your paper shredding services in Lloydminster, Bonnyville, or Cold Lake today with Quik Pick Waste Disposal. You can request a quote for shredding online or call us toll-free at 877-475-4100.

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