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A calendar being used to schedule Septic Tank pumping in Cold Lake

A septic tank needs routine maintenance if you want to prolong its lifespan. If you allow your tank to fill with solids, they eventually clog the lines and your system might require a full replacement.

To avoid such a costly investment, keep your system operating at its best with septic tank maintenance. Sadly, septic tanks do not come with a user’s manual. So, how are you to know how often you need a septic tank pump out? THE REALITY OF A SEPTIC TANK PUMP OUT FOR COLD LAKE HOMEOWNERS A pump out will not fix a broken system. Therefore, if your lines are clogged or you have ignored the maintenance on your system too long, hiring professionals to pump and clean will not eliminate the underlying issue. However, deciding how often you should clean out your septic tank is not easy. Instead, it comes down to your household and septic usage. 3 TIPS FOR DECIDING THE RIGHT TIME FOR A SEPTIC TANK PUMP OUT A well-functioning septic tank comes down to a proper maintenance schedule. Typically, a septic tank pumping occurs once every three years. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Instead of ordering your septic tank pump out for your Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Lloydminster or surrounding area home every three years, consider the following factors too:

  1. Size of Your Family – The most important factor is the household size. Naturally, if you live alone without children and rarely have visitors, your septic tank will not require servicing as frequently. If you have a household of five or six members, the frequency increases dramatically.

  2. The Size of Your Septic Tank – While household size determines quite a bit, you must realize that the size of your tank matters too. The larger the septic tank capacity, the less frequently you pump it. For example, a small unit with only 1892 litres and a household size of 4 would require an annual pump. However, a septic tank at approximately 9400 litres would need a pump out every 7 years with the same family size.

  3. Wastewater Production – Some households use more wastewater than others. The more wastewater your produce, the more often you need a service appointment. To assess how much wastewater you produce, ask for a professional assessment. However, a good way to determine if you have high waste capacity is if you require pumping more frequently than the average service schedule based on family size and litres.

SCHEDULE A SEPTIC TANK PUMP OUT IN COLD LAKE, BONNYVILLE, LLOYDMINSTER AND SURROUNDING AREAS TODAY Deciding the right time to clean out your septic tank is not easy. If it has been a few years or you need an assessment to determine better how often to clean out, contact Quik Pick Waste Disposal. We offer septic tank maintenance and pumping. We also offer waste removal for RVs and mobile homes. Schedule your septic tank pump out service for Cold Lake, Bonnyville, or Lloydminster with Quik Pick Waste Disposal. You can request a quote for septic tank servicing online or call us toll-free at 877-475-4100.

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