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Recycling company in Lloydminster Alberta

Today, recycling has evolved and not only is it easier to do, but there are numerous ways to recycle. In fact, there are some ways that you might not have even tried before in your business or home. Think about the products you use and the packaging they come in. Most packaging today can be recycled, and the more that you do recycle, the better for the environment.

Tips for Being a Better Recycler Recycling programs at home or the office can save you money and help protect the environment. If you are looking for ways to be more efficient with recycling, consider this:

  1. You Cannot Recycle Styrofoam - While recycling companies in Lloydminster have evolved, they still cannot recycle Styrofoam, because it is made from plastic #6, which means that it is harder to recycle than ordinary plastic materials.

  2. Pizza Boxes Cannot Recycle - While pizza boxes might be made from recycled materials, and some will say that they are recycled, pizza boxes are not accepted by most recycling companies. Food containers will have products, grease, and particles that make them unsuitable for recycling, which is why most companies are unable to take them.

  3. Reduce Waste Products at Home or in the Office - The easiest way to reduce your disposal costs at home or in the office is to stop producing waste. You can cut how much paper you discard by swapping to digital files, using repair services instead of replacing products, or composting products that can be composted.

  4. Start Tracking Your Waste - If your company has a waste program, start tracking your waste. There are free online tools that help you track waste, water data, and energy for your business. Also, you can establish a business waste program to monitor waste and recycling and see how you are doing.

  5. Know What You Can Recycle - Ask recycling companies in Lloydminster what they accept in their recycling bins. In most cases, you can recycle products like aluminum cans, aluminum foil, steel and tin cans, paper, and light plastic.

Set Up a Recycling Program by Contacting Your Local Waste Team at Quik Pick Waste Disposal Quik Pick Waste Disposal is a locally owned company, and we can help your business improve recycling capacity. Not only do we offer recycling bins, but we can accept everything from boxboard, shredded paper, tin cans, and plastics. Meet with our team to learn about your recycling options and how to get started with a business recycling program. For your complete waste management program, speak with a team member from Quik Pick Waste Disposal. You can request a quote online or call us toll-free at 877-475-4100.

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