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A girl carrying blue recycling bin in Llyodminster

Seeking recycling services in and around Lloydminster? Whether you’re looking for a dependable pickup service provider or a convenient drop-off location, Blue Wave Recycling, a division of Quik Pick Waste Disposal, is here to help business owners and municipalities in Alberta and Saskatchewan get the waste management and recycling solutions they require.

WHO USES OUR SERVICES? Blue Wave Recycling is a boon to business owners in Cold Lake, Bonnyville and Lloydminster whose waste pickup needs fall outside the range of what these towns provide. Our services have been used by some of the following:

  • Farms and acreages

  • Retailers and commercial enterprises

  • Institutional facilities

  • Oilfield setups

  • Municipalities

  • Industrial operations

  • Residential buildings

We have a fleet of front load containers in a range of sizes that allows us to cater to the unique pickup needs of each business or region. Alternatively, you can use the Blue Wave Recycling drop-off centre in Lloydminster free of charge. WHAT WE RECYCLE? Our recycling pickup services allow businesses to make the environmentally sound choice for the waste disposal of a wide assortment of items including:

  • Plastic products. We accept rinsed out containers, jugs, bottles, bags and all plastics numbered one to seven.

  • Cardboard. It must be clean and flattened.

  • Paper. Includes newsprint and office paper.

  • Tin cans. They should be rinsed out.

For all other products, including glass, styrofoam and fluorescent light bulbs, please inquire with our staff as to how to arrange for pickup or drop-off. BENEFITS OF USING BLUE WAVE RECYCLING One of the biggest advantages of using our recycling services is that you can arrange pickups when and how it’s most convenient for you. Additionally, you can use the opportunity to access our other waste disposal services including:

  • Paper shredding. Safe document disposal for no longer needed tax information, bank statements, medical records and other personal and financial paperwork.

  • Garbage collection. We’ll provide efficient and reliable removal of all waste.

  • Septic tank pumping. An effective way to remove waste that doesn’t break down, and prevent blockages before they start.

In addition to the above, our organization also provides temporary fencing and portable toilet to ensure your event, construction site or other location is equipped with the safety and sanitation products you require. GET A FREE QUOTE Wondering what it costs to access our convenient recycling services? Simply contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on our Blue Wave Recycling program. Alternatively, feel free to drop off your load at our depot in Lloydminster.

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