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Electronic Recycle

Electronic Recycling in Lloydminster

With the advancement of technology, we now have a tremendous amount of cheap but useful devices. However, this explosive growth has also led to escalating environmental issues. Primitive recycling can lead to the release of toxic materials into the environment.

There hasn’t been a need for effective electronic recycling more than now. Quik Pick Waste Disposal has adopted safe and effective measures to curb the improper disposal of e-waste from harming the environment. Our Blue Wave Recycling division specializes in the recycling of cardboard, plastics (numbers 1 to 7), newsprint, office paper, tin cans, electronics, and more. Call us to learn more.

Why Is Electronic Recycling Important?

  • Limited Landfill Space
    • Landfill space is limited. Throwing away your old electronics further reduces the limited space we have left. E-waste should be recycled, and we should conserve as much landfill space as possible by recycling our old electronics. 
  • Environmental Protection
    • Protecting our environment from hazardous e-waste is important because older electronics are made with toxic materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. 
  • Conserve Natural Resources
    • Recycling electronic devices can also help in creating new products. This ensures that fewer new resources will be used to meet the growing demand for electronic devices.
  • Save Money
    • If you are looking to make a few bucks out of e-waste, here’s some good news. Some manufacturers encourage people to recycle by offering incentives.

Reasons to Recycle Electronics

Most of the e-waste that isn’t processed ends up in the 3rd world countries. More often than not, these countries are not aware of the need to or know how to address the environmental issues caused by dumped e-waste. 

Inadequate disposal of e-waste leads to the release of chemicals into water supplies. These water supplies become polluted and poison the people that live near these dumpsites. 

The lack of proper electronic recycling could also lead to precious metals being recovered by burning materials in open air thus polluting it. 

Secure Data Destruction 

Information theft is real, and throwing away your office’s old electronics into a dumpster leaves you extremely susceptible to it. This is an issue even if you think you’ve deleted all your files on the computer, tablet, smartphone etc. Choosing a certified recycler will ensure safety and keep you protected.

Improper disposal of your old electronic device can cause a great deal of problems, including information theft. Sometimes, it could also jeopardize your career. We assure all our clients that their sensitive data is safely destroyed before their devices are refurbished or recycled.

Electronics Waste Growth

The constantly increasing demand for more advanced technology can be disastrous when not handled properly. With new inventions and more electronic products in the market, we need better e-waste management. Contact us for more information on safely recycling your electronics.

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