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Garbage Bin Rental

Garbage Bin Rental Services in Lloydminster, Bonnyville & the Surrounding Areas

Got a big construction project planned? Need to demolish an old structure or landscaping piece? A standard-sized garbage can probably won’t cut it. From building materials like drywall and asphalt to tree limbs and landscaping debris, you need a container to hold it all safely and securely. Whether you’re a contractor building a new retail store or a homeowner hoping to add on to your home with a new addition, Quik Pick Waste Disposal has the garage bin rental Lloydminster and Bonnyville residents can depend on to keep their property tidy. Garbage bin rental allows you to keep your property clear of debris, improving safety and efficiency, without compromising your project’s budget.

Why You Need to Rent a Garbage Bin

Construction bin rental in Bonnyville and Lloydminster offers many benefits to commercial and residential properties including:


  • More efficient workplace – When your workers have a designated spot to discard building materials and other debris, it helps increase workplace efficiency. No longer will your team waste time and energy searching the worksite for a spot to discard unwanted materials. 

  • Increased safety – Keeping a worksite clean greatly increases safety. By always making sure discarded building materials, like drywall and concrete, are properly disposed of into dumpster bins, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. 

  • Compliance with local regulations – It’s important to follow your local municipalities waste management regulations. This will help you avoid fines and other penalties during your project.


  • Saves you a trip to the dump – Don’t waste your time hauling debris from your home renovation project or spring cleaning. With a rented dumpster, you just discard what you don’t need, and we’ll take it away for you.

  • Protects your family – Renovation projects are messy undertakings. They generate a lot of waste that leave your property with many safety hazards lying around. With a dumpster bin, you can ensure that all waste and debris from your projects are properly removed from your property at the end of the day.

Types of Bins Available for Rent

At Quik Pick Waste Disposal, we provide two types of containers: front-load dumpsters and roll-off containers. Bonnyville and Lloydminster residents can choose the type that fits their needs best:

Roll-Off Container

Larger projects typically require a roll-off container. These containers are rolled onto your worksite and can be used to hold materials that are not easily compacted. When you order a roll-off container, one of our trucks will arrive to your property to unload the bin. When it’s full, call us and we will return to haul the container away.

Front-Load Container

With smaller projects, a front-load dumpster may suffice. Front-load dumpster service is handled more quickly than roll-off service. The front-load dumpsters are also usually on a specific schedule where they are dropped off and then collected at certain intervals. Similar to a standard garbage truck, one of our trucks will arrive on your property to hoist the front-load dumpster and dump the contents into the back of the truck. We then return the dumpster to the ground and move on to the next.

Roll-off containers and dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate projects both big and small:

  • Residential cart service

  • 3 cubic yard front-load dumpster

  • 4 cubic yard front-load dumpster

  • 6 cubic yard front-load dumpster

  • 8 cubic yard front-load dumpster

  • 15 cubic yard roll-off container

  • 20 cubic yard roll-off container

  • 30 cubic yard roll-off container

  • 40 cubic yard roll-off container

Whether you need a 30-yard container for demolition of an old office building or one of our smaller front-load dumpsters to help with your home spring cleaning, Quik Pick Waste Disposal is the one to call for your garbage bin rental needs. Request a quote today.

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