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Temporary Fencing


Protect Your Site with a Portable Fence in Lloydminster and Bonnyville

Many businesses want to secure their worksites and enforce crowd control without spending extra money on personnel. Temporary fencing is an easy and cost-effective security measure. When your business is tasked with managing a special event such as a concert or a big construction project, however, the time-consuming task of erecting a fence is last thing you need to worry about.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

When planning your next event, let Quik Pick do the heavy lifting for you. We worry about transporting, unpacking, setting up and taking down temporary fences. You’ll save time and money by letting our experts handle your security.

Fencing and Barricades for Your Site

In addition to added safety and security, temporary fencing also provides a more complete feel to a job site or event. It helps neutralize noisy construction equipment and blocks the wind. We provide fences that do the job for a variety of facilities:

Construction sites


Special events

Crowd control


We can accommodate several different venues with our flexible scheduling and experienced technicians. Our cost-effective, durable fencing comes in 4-foot and 6-foot high sizes, making it the perfect solution for any event that needs to maintain a secure border. Our crew is prompt and will efficiently get the job done around your busy scheduling requirements.

Give us a call for pricing information and let us be your source for temporary fencing in Lloydminster.

Complete Waste Management

We offer a range of disposal services, including recycling and portable toilets

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