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Wood Shredding


Wood Shredding in Lloydminster

A wood shredder is a large outdoor power tool that makes disposal of garden waste easy. It works to reduce the bulk of parts and garden waste. Commonly used by gardeners and landscapers, it is popular for its recyclable properties. The output from wood shredders can be used to pave walkways, line flowerbeds and also create compost! Quik Pick Waste Disposal offers affordable wood shredding services for you in Lloydminster.

Similar to wood chippers, shredders are known for their chute and their feeding material in and ejecting material out properties. Inside, they come with semi-blunt blades, called flails, which are used to break down small pieces of organic material. Shredders also come with the option to choose what size the finished pieces should be. Flail mashes and shred items can then be composted or also used as mulch. 

Although the basic functioning of a wood shredder and a wood chipper is similar, due to its small engine size, wood shredders do not have the power or energy to break large branches down. However, wood shredders have the option to choose what size the finished pieces should be. On the other hand, when wood is fed into the chute of a wood chipper, the blade breaks it down into chips that are one to three inches long. Some models are equipped with a bin to catch the wood chips once it’s ejected from the machine.

Shredders are popular among gardeners and are suitable for small open spaces. Some shredders come with nylon cutting string inside instead of a metal flail. Reach out to us and tell us your requirements and we’ll suggest what’s right for you.

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